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Microfone FIFINE USB RGB 3 Cores

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【Various RGB lighting】

The backlight setting of the microphone is the most dynamic and romantic design. It has a variety of Static solid color,Dynamic multi-color gradient,Dynamic solid-color gradient, With the colorful computer accessories, the cool feeling of the game is maximized and the exciting atmosphere of fighting is driven.



【Real-time sound quality output】

The microphone can be connected to the 3.5mm headphone jack, allowing you to directly monitor the sound in real time without delay, or listen and record at the same time. The professional cardioid polar pattern captures your voice perfectly and accurately, focusing on optimizing the sound output. With a powerful compatibility mode, Whether you connect this mic with your desktop computer or laptop, it works smoothly. It can also be used to chat with friends on youtube live or skype, etc.


【Quick mute】

The one-button mute,Mute button is very sensitive to the touch, and just one touch is enough to immediately isolate the sound from leaking. The hidden volume dial behind the microphone makes it easy and quick to adjust the volume level to achieve your purpose, or you can adjust the volume level through external software.


【Metal pop filter】

Mainly made of metal and can be easily disassembled, blocking out breathing, noise, droplets, etc.Reducing annoying noises and highlighting the deep bass in your voice and conveying a clear message.


【High quality and convenience】

Plug and play, provide user-friendly design, one-plug automatic switch, you plug it into your USB port, it will automatically install the driver in the background of your Windows or Mac computer Program connection, easy to operate.Detachable high quality 2 meters long fifine USB cable can be easily folded without traces.

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